DEIMOS Slide and Barrel Cut



He inspires dread and terror. We inspire to do something different. Starting with a challenge on how flat a gun can get with only side ports, the Deimos slide assembly became something unique in its own right. Utilizing normal shock relations, the ports are tuned to behave like an expansion chamber in a compensator. With no need for an upward port, uncompromised sight radius and uninterupted sight picture are both attained.


Employing a “bridged-port” to host the front sight prevents exhaust flash from obscuring the sight picture while maintaining maximum sight radius.
The ports also feature expansion fan geometry to mimic performances found in top-facing ports.

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  • What’s the service
    • Slide and Barrel Machining to introduce DeimosFeatures on customer supplied slide and barrels
  • Machining Service turnaround time
    • Please Allow 6-8 Weeks for Machining and Re-Coating
  • What do I need to add to complete my build?
    • A Complete Frame, A Recoil Assembly, A set of Sights, Slide Internals
  • Barrel
    • Customer Supplied, PVD Re-Finish
  • Slide
    • Customer Supplied, PVD Re-Finish
  • Ports
    • Bridge Port with Expansion Fans
  • Accessory Compatibility
    • RMR Footprint Red Dots, Standard Glock Sights, Most Recoil Systems, Standard Glock Holsters
  • Optional Upgrades
    • Micro Red Dots, Night Sights, Frame Work
      *Email for upgrade availability and inquiries