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Straight from the mental cases in our engineering department we bring you Triton. Triton is more than just a ported gun. Triton boasts a fully engineered compensator built into a stock slide. Not possible you say? That’s what we thought too, but impossible is kind of our wheelhouse. If you are looking for Open Gun performance but still want to keep the same operation and reliability as a factory gun, stop looking. Pull out that credit card, it will be worth it when you see the killer good looks reminiscent of a stealth fighter and Triton’s insane ability to knock down recoil. Engineered around the 124 gr +P defensive load, Triton will enhance your range, duty/carry, and home defense gun to new heights, while sacrificing nothing. Totally at home shooting 115 gr target ammo to 124gr +P, the dramatic reduction in muzzle rise and recoil will leave you astounded.


One Trinity Slide

One Barrel

Does not include internals.