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PiRho Complete Slide 9mm


The Π⍴ (Pirho) represents Trinity Nevada’s latest in handgun engineering. With the flexibility of the P320’s modular design and our unrivaled compensator performance, the Π⍴ excels in every situation.

LIFETIME WARRANTY on ALL products. Have any issues at all? Give us a call. We’ll either help resolve the issue over the phone, or have you send it back. If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it. Done.


  • Integrally Compensated  Match-Grade Barrel
  • 17-4 Stainless Slide and Compensator
  • Sight-Tracking Front Sight Post
  • Dawson Precision Sights
  • Deep Slide Cuts for Traction
  • Spring Kit and Slide Internals
  • Slide and Barrel PVD
  • Optic Cut


Please Note: PVD will add 4+ weeks to the order fulfillment.

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Full size

Slide PVD

DLC(Black), TiN (Gold), Brushed Stainless

Barrel PVD

DLC (Black), TiN (Gold), Brushed stainless

Optic Cut

No Optic Cut, RMR/507c


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