Ground Zero GZ19 Slide & Competition Frame Tune


To insure the utmost quality and functionality we are now only selling the Ground Zero Slides with a frame tune. Once you order the slide we will provide a shipping label to ship us the frame with internals. Once received we will install a custom locking block, provide a trigger tune (optional), and stipple your frame (also optional). For additional products such as a Trinity Nevada aluminum trigger shoe or any other internals please contact us at (702) 969-9124 before placing your order. ***Trinity Nevada can only guarantee functionality with the Locking Block provided with our Slides***

The ultimate Striker fired pistol slide.  The Trinity Nevada Ground Zero slide is the epitome of form meets function.

  • Integrally Compensated Stainless Match-Grade Barrel
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Slide and Compensator
  • Sight-Tracking Front Sight
  • Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front Sight and Blacked Out Rear Sight
  • Deep Slide Cuts for Traction
  • Enhanced Billet Locking Block
  • Slide and Barrel PVD, Brushed Stainless Steel or Cerakote
  • Optic Cut for Trijicon RMR
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