PiRho Complete Slide 9mm


The Π⍴ (Pirho) represents Trinity Nevada’s latest in handgun engineering. With the flexibility of the P320’s modular design and our unrivaled compensator performance, the Π⍴ excels in every situation.

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  • Integrally Compensated  Match-Grade Barrel
  • 17-4 Stainless Slide and Compensator
  • Sight-Tracking Front Sight Post
  • Dawson Precision Sights
  • Deep Slide Cuts for Traction
  • Spring Kit and Slide Internals
  • Slide and Barrel PVD
  • Optic Cut


Please Note: PVD will add 4+ weeks to the order fulfillment.

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No compromises
The Π⍴, featuring our patented compensator, allows for all the horsepower of an open division race gun in a duty gun-sized package. Additionally, the unique disassembly process ensures there are no threads to come loose or misalign. The massive cutouts on the slide produce the lightest amount of reciprocating mass for the Π⍴ while preserving full length slide travel. When these revolutionary features all work in synergy, the Π⍴ truly feels like a real-life aimbot – making every shot so easy, it’s like cheating.